I therefore wish to open a new era for different configurations of hybrid type binary plants as to increase the efficiency and ideas to develop the applications in various combinations.

• The main problem of the Binary Plants of Air Cooled Condenser type is the production loss during summer time.

• Let us think to combine ACC with a Water Cooled condenser (WCC) with a Cooling Tower.

• The immediate question is where the additional make up water can be found.

• The answer is from the steam condensation and/or from the reinjection water.

• Now another question is how the increase of pond water temperature can be
prevented due to high condensate and/or high reinjection water temperature.

• The answer is the cooling tower. Please think that in case the circulation of cooling water 2500 cum/h, the makeup water is only 55 – 60 cum/h. When it is passed thru the cooling tower, the pond water temperature is kept above 3 ⁰C above the wet bulb temperature which can be estimated as 26 ⁰C at about 34 ⁰C ambient temperature. (wet bulb temperature is about 21 - 22 ⁰C)

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