Reservoir Risk in the Development and Use of Geothermal Resources and Risk Mitigation Solutions
Risks in the Exploration and Exploitation of a Geothermal Reservoir

 Exploration Risk = Finding the expected reservoir quality defined mainly by temperature and flow rate in the development of the reservoir

 Reservoir Risk = Sustainable reservoir performance over an expected time interval defined by a business plan

 Technical Risk = Not able to reach or access the reservoir

 Risk of existing or changing compositions and physicochemical parameters of the produced fluids/gases = Corrosion, scaling, pressure losses,… February 2019 Geothermal Group Germany

Play Type Concept (Moeck 2014)

 Standardized global approach in the assessment of geothermal resources based on the concept of a geological based play type in the hydrocarbon industry

 The play type is controlled by the geological setting, the heat source and the geological controls on heat transport and thermal energy storage

 The play type catalog covers the whole range of all possible geothermal systems

 The different defined play types require exploration and exploitation concepts fitting the play type which reduces reservoir risk

 The dominant play type in the current geothermal developments in Turkey are graben system play types

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