Maspo Energy establishes national geothermal R&D center to strengthen industry in Turkey

In its rapid geothermal development over the past decade, Turkey has relied heavily on international know-how and experience to push building geothermal power plants and develop its geothermal energy industry, so local news.

Now the country is pushing forward on efforts to establish own research and development efforts to strengthen the industry.

With strong background in machinery and equipment, Maspo Energy – operating two geothermal power plants with a total generation capacity of 40 MW in the Alasehir region of Turkey, has now started work the establishment of Turkey’s first geothermal R&D center, to help increase energy efficiency and reduce foreign dependency on geothermal development.

The company’s general manager Murat Solmaz, stated that Turkey is now ranked number 4 in the world in the context of installed geothermal power generation capacity. So the time is right to also push geothermal research. “Before having now established an R&D center, we were doing research studies to reduce the risks while digging our drilling wells. When we built the facilities, we also had efforts to increase energy efficiency. We made a decision to discipline these studies. For this, we established our R&D center.”, so Murat Solmaz.

Stating that they have developed projects in cooperation with universities with 20 technical staff, including engineers, as well as producing energy for the country with the R&D center, Solmaz stated that they are focused on developing machinery and equipment supplied with import, especially in the sector.

The company focused its work in the R&D center on three main areas, so Mr. Solmaz:

“First of all, equipment needed for the development of the Turkish geothermal industry, which we aim to be manufactured in Turkey. Our second goal is to create and modernize tools and equipment that will increase energy efficiency. We consider energy efficiency in two ways, one is to increase the energy we produce to maximum levels and the other is to lower our domestic consumption. Our studies and projects continue on both issues. We are working on a few projects related to these. Our third goal is related to the content of the geothermal fluid obtained in the long term. It is about storing, saving or disposing of this content. ”

Pointing out that geothermal energy is an environmental friendly type of energy, Solmaz pointed out there have been environmental concerns, “We are investigating the elements contained in geothermal fluid in relation to environmental issues. When we see an element whose levels are higher than the world standard, there are projects that we carry out with our chemical engineer friends regarding their storage, recycling or disposal. ” he said.

Source: Think_GeoEnergy

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